Keen on Green


Keen on Green

Looking for a great way to get in the spirit of Earth Day? Serve up these vibrant green-coloured dishes that are as nutritious and delicious as they are fetching to the eye.

Taking place every April, Earth Day aims to inspire awareness of, and appreciation for, the natural world around us. Common activities people participate in to observe this special day include planting trees, taking part in an environmental fair, and collecting garbage from beaches and parks.
But another fun and tasty way families can show they have Mother Nature in mind is by serving up green recipes. Dishes painted green using the array of verdant foods can make you feel a little closer to nature—and also help spring clean your diet.
From organic spring greens to locally grown asparagus, green-hued foods are not only easy on the taste buds, but also nutritional heavy hitters. For instance, organic edamame, bright-tasting immature green soybeans, are powerful bundles of protein, dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals.
Now sprouting up from local farms, asparagus offers a low-calorie way to infuse your diet with bone-strengthening vitamin K and folate, a nutrient needed for proper cell division, while in the process helping slash cancer risk. Peppery arugula is a good source of glucosinolates, compounds thought to also have strong cancer-fighting powers.
From morning to night, celebrate Earth Day by serving up these enticingly green recipes that will leave any non-eaters green with envy.

Green recipes

Green Velvet Pancakes

Asparagus, Edamame, and Pea Salad

Chicken Millet Bowls with Green Goddess Sauce

Seared Scallops with Arugula Gremolata

Matcha Chocolate Bark

Snack attack

Try these ideas for small green bites that can help you healthfully snack your way through Earth Day.

Smoky edamame

Boil shelled organic edamame according to package directions and then season with smoked paprika and sea salt.

Green smoothie

Blend together unsweetened almond milk, a handful of leafy greens, hemp hearts, fresh ginger, and a frozen banana.

Minty pea hummus

In a food processor, blend together shelled fresh or thawed frozen peas, fresh mint, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and salt until smooth. Use as a dip for sliced vegetables or organic tortilla chips.

Avocado cake

Top an organic brown rice cake with sliced avocado, cilantro, and a squirt of lime juice.

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