Recipes for Inspired Cooking

by alive Editorial

Recipes for Inspired Cooking

In late 2016, a new and inspiring cookbook was published following collaboration among storytellers, nutritionists, health care providers, and top chefs from across Canada.

The proceeds from Inspired Cooking will be directed to InspireHealth Supportive Cancer Care, which provides programs and services to enhance quality of life, health, and well-being of people living with cancer and their families.
The cookbook provides healthy recipes and expert nutritional resources for all Canadians. Twenty-one of the leading chefs from across Canada relate their stories about the importance of nutrition in their lives and their work. Along with these stories, the chefs have provided their own inspired recipes that are specifically designed to enhance health and well-being. alive is pleased to be able to share two of the recipes featured in this inspirational cookbook from acclaimed and award-winning Toronto chefs Victor Barry and Rob Gentile.


Seasonal Fruit Galette

Chia Seed Pudding

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