Socca, a chickpea flour pancake, can help you survive those back-to-school appetites. This protein- and fibre-rich pancake can take you anywhere, from sweet to savoury, and from morning to night. It’s a fresh protein option for the whole family.

Fuelling the back-to-school appetite can be a complicated task. You want to take into consideration nutrition, ease of preparation, and kid-friendly appeal. Socca, a chickpea flour pancake from the south of France, has many interpretations throughout the world, and is one of the easiest, most adaptable recipes that you can make for—and with—the kids.
Think outside of maple syrup-topped stacks when it comes to pancakes. Socca is different, feeling more like a pliable polenta than a flapjack stack. The basic socca recipe can be presented on a plate and topped with your and your kids’ preferred adornments, from morning to night.
Unlike regular pancakes, socca can be made ahead and kept at room temperature, making it a hit for parents on rushed school mornings. For breakfast, the basic socca recipe can be topped with peanut butter and jam and served open-faced or rolled up to go. For a fast lunch, a smear of hummus and sprinkle of grated carrot couldn’t be easier. And for dinner, repurpose the pancake with a spoonful of homemade chili or a mild daal. There are really no limits to how you present this bare-bones dish.
But socca can be more than just a blank canvas for pizza-style slices. These recipes incorporate socca in everything from huevos rancheros to a Japanese-inspired bento box. And a spoonbread takes chickpea flour to another level—quite literally.
Introduce socca into your September and beyond, and see where this family-friendly, protein- and fibre-rich pancake can take you. Cull concepts from world cuisines or use what’s in your own backyard; socca is unruly in the best possible way.


Basic Socca Pancake

Breakfast: Socca Huevos Rancheros Verde

Socca Huevos Rancheros Verde

Snack: Green Pea Pesto Socca Squares

Lunch: Socca “Tamago” Sushi Bento Box

Dinner: Sweet-Potato-and-Broccoli-Stuffed Socca Crepes

Dessert: Caramelized Apple Socca Spoon Bread

Prepare socca with the kids

Simple socca, like all pancake-style recipes, rarely requires sharp knives, making it ideal to prepare with little ones in the kitchen. Adults watch over the stove and oven while kids do some of the prep work—it’s a win-win for the entire family.

Kid-friendly tasks

Measuring chickpea flour

Turn this simple task over to the kids—as long as you’re okay with a little flour getting on the counter and floor!


Outfit your kids with a whisk or spoon and allow them to mix. Unlike traditional flours, socca flour is gluten free, so a bit of extra stirring won’t make the dish tough.

Picking add-ins and toppings

Sweet or savoury? Vegetables or fruit? Give them a couple of different options and let them choose from those. This can be as simple as spreading a cooked socca round with peanut butter and jam, or hummus and grated carrot.


The Basic Socca Pancake recipe, once cooked, will keep for a couple of days, so kids can take one out and decorate it to their hearts’ content, whenever the mood strikes. Keep some chopped vegetables, fruits, and spreads on hand to make this almost-instant meal even quicker.

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