The Butcher's Daughter slays

by Natalie B. Compton

The Butcher\'s Daughter slays

There are few places that capture the essence of a neighborhood quite as well as The Butcher’s Daughter does. The California edition of Heather Tierney’s über-popular plant-based juice bar, restaurant and cafe perfectly reflects the vibe of Venice, the sunny Los Angeles enclave it calls home—even though the original hails from New York City.

Pure Abbot Kinney

A few blocks from the Venice Beach Boardwalk, The Butcher’s Daughter is in one of L.A.’s most walkable areas: Abbot Kinney Boulevard. The boulevard is bustling (in a laid-back, beachy way) with boutique shops, health-focused eateries and bicycling blondes cruising down the sidewalks. Nothing is too pristine, nor too unkempt, but a happy medium complete with colorful street art. In the heart of it all is The Butcher’s Daughter, its brick façade punctuated by giant airy windows, potted plants and friendly open doors.

A kinder, gentler slaughterhouse

The Butcher’s Daughter is billed as L.A.’s “vegetable slaughterhouse.” The concept is a lot breezier than it sounds. Unlike a butcher shop, there’s no meat to be had. But like a neighborhood butcher shop, The Butcher’s Daughter is a place where locals’ names and orders are remembered; it’s a magnet for regulars.

That should come as no surprise: The Butcher’s Daughter checks a lot of boxes. Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options? Yes. Healthy fare? You bet. Cool decor? Naturally, as founder Tierney is a designer by trade with a very “Venice boho” aesthetic.*

*To learn about Heather Tierney’s feats of good taste (in every sense of the expression), check out the Q&A here.

Take a seat

To watch the skilled baristas at work, grab a spot at the long wooden bar counter that runs down the middle of the restaurant. There’s an array of other seating options to choose from, like cozy booths, tie-dyed banquettes and indoor/outdoor pockets. One of the place’s best kept secrets is the private backyard patio, a verdant oasis reserved for parties that’s complete with a communal table and fabulous fireplace.

That avocado toast, though …

While the atmosphere is dreamy, the real reason for parking at The Butcher’s Daughter for a leisurely morning, long lunch or lingering dinner is the food. Angelenos have a high bar set for vegetarian and healthy food; the city is filled with conscious eaters. Not only does The Butcher’s Daughter meet expectations, but it exceeds them thanks to the expert talent in the kitchen: executive chef Richard Rea and pastry chef Ignacio Zorzoli.

The restaurant serves only vegetarian—and largely vegan and gluten-free—dishes that won’t leave you hungry. Breakfast and brunch won’t be complete without an order of the legendary avocado toast. The thick-cut slabs of house-made bread are slathered with a creamy, slightly zesty avocado spread and topped with crunchy mustard seeds. A fan favorite for lunch and dinner is the pizza, which gets The Butcher’s Daughter treatment by swapping traditional flour for a cauliflower crust. The pie is finished with tomato sauce, vegan cheese and seasonal vegetables.

Drinks for days

On the beverage side, healthful elixirs come courtesy of Brandi Kowalski, head juiceologist. Creations are interesting and filled with vitamin-charged ingredients. Take the Immune Rocket, a wellness latte that glows fluorescent yellow with lemon, ginger, echinacea, hot water and cayenne. It’s warm, spicy and a little sweet—a jolting mix that’s so bright and flavorful, it’ll perk you up like it’s a cup of coffee. If you’re looking for a more rich caffeine fix, the Matcha Master wellness latte is made with matcha green tea powder, almond milk and a touch of sweetener. It’s as tasty as it is trendy. While many of the sips are sweetened with raw honey, they can easily be made vegan upon request.

When the sun goes down and you feel like imbibing something stronger, try The Butcher’s Daughter house lager along with dinner or some bar snacks. Then sit back and relax. It’s the Venice way.

All the fair sisters

The Venice hotspot is just one of several locations for The Butcher’s Daughter. There are two NYC sites (one in Nolita and one in the West Village), plus a food truck that roves the streets of L.A.

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