3 Remedies for the Burnt Out Activist

by Amy Wood

3 Remedies for the Burnt Out Activist

The good fight isn’t always easy. While spreading the good word and fighting for what’s right is invigorating, it can also start to take a physical and mental toll. Read up on how to keep your activist mind, and mentality, in top form.
You can find the full article on page 56 of alive’s April 2020 issue, under “Hacking activist burnout: strategies for maintaining health, resilience, and connection during trying times”.
1. Take action. Even sending an email to your local representative can help alleviate anxiety which can contribute to activist burnout.

2. Self-care. Engage in meaningful self-care that recharges you (bonus points if it’s free!).

3. Lean on others. When you’re feeling isolated, connect with likeminded individuals to vent, brag, and mobilize.

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