That rainbow plant life

by Nisha Vora

That rainbow plant life

When a post from Rainbow Plant Life pops up in your Insta feed, one thing is clear: you’re not in Kansas anymore, food-wise. If you’re lucky, you are in your kitchen. Because trust us—you’ll want to start cooking. This is one rainbow we just can’t get over.
Here are three of our favorite recipes from Nisha Vora, the mind behind Rainbow Plant Life and the queen of Pantone-perfect plant-based creations.*
Nisha’s writing is just as colorful as her recipes. Check out her article here. But first, pull out your best and brightest produce …
*Seriously: this Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream is uncannily close to Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, Ultra Violet.


Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream

Tempeh & Walnut Falafel with Vegan Tzatziki Sauce

Pasta Quiche

If you want to snap gorgeous food pics yourself, Nisha stresses that natural light is best—and fluorescent bulbs are out. “Fluorescent lighting is to food photography what IKEA is to a craft artisan furniture store: an embarrassment,” she writes. (She loves IKEA … but you get the point.) Find the best window in your house, even if it’s not in the kitchen, and shoot your food there.

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